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黏土工藝 Clay Arts


With your imagination and suitable tool, we can make so many different handcrafts by using clay. The material is imported from Japan of which miniature handcraft is now very popular in Hong Kong.


黏土的特性: Characteristics:
1) 黏土本身風乾後是沒有顏色的; 1) Clay itself is colorless after dried;
2) 要塑造作品的顏色,可於黏土中加入油彩; 2) We often put some oil colour in the clay;
3) 待黏土自然風乾後,可因應題作的需要,於黏土表面再塗上少量油彩,以增加作品顏色的鮮艷及真實感。 3) Allow the work to dry naturally. Sometimes, we paint some oil colour on the surface to brighten its colour and make it looks more real.


黏土的保存: Maintenance:
1) 黏土製成品一般可存放多年也不會變色; 1) Clay Arts is durable and can stay in good condition for years;
2) 應避免陽光直接照射。 2) Avoid direct sunlight.